What to Expect from 2012/13 Season as an Arsenal Fan?

The past 7 seasons as an Arsenal fan have been a turmoil. Of coming so close, and yet so far. Of losing 8-2 to our direct rivals, losing half the defense to injury, the others to ‘money’. The departure of Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri were never really dealt with completely, the arrivals of 5 players on the last day of the transfer window seemed a desperate attempt by a manager to motivate a falling squad, who’s position at the club was being questioned by once faithful Goonerfamily. Everything seemed at a all time low, but we never lost belief in our team.

Such is the brilliance of Arsene Wenger, we managed to come 3rd in a  season which saw our worst  ever start to a Premier League Campaign. A player who was deemed World Class, but blighted by injuries finally took the stage to become the top scorer and best player, single handed  guiding the team through ruts!  The signing of Mikel Arteta proved to be a stroke of genius, in who’s absence our midfield looked incomplete, Yossi Benayoun loaned from Chelsea provided some awesome moments.  Who was to know, finishing 3rd was only the beginning to summer of surprises!  Before the season was concluded Lukas Podolski was signed from Fc Koln, a player who needs no introduction after his 2 classy finishes against his old club yesterday! Olivier Giroud followed, after guiding Montpelier to their first ever Ligue 1 crown. But the signing of the summer was, wait-for-it, Santi Cazorla from Malaga, and you would appreciate the pre-mentioned brilliance of Wenger that this ambidextrous versatile midfielder was signed for a mere £12m!!  I will not get into the qualities of these players and what they would bring to the team, as most of us have pretty good idea about that.   So what to except as an Arsenal fan this season?

First thing that comes to mind, as an Arsenal fan, is a trophy! Yes, minimum requirement just went up from finishing in top 4. Realistically, as a football follower, Arsenal need to get through the first 3 months with good results with games against Liverpool, Chelsea and Manchester City back-to-back punctuated by Southampton. That is when we get Sagna and hopefully Wilshere back to the first team, as very well said by my friend @gunrxerk. Cup games are a must win this season, the FA cup and Carling Cup (Capital One Cup) are two trophies we can easily win this season at least! With the squad we have at our hands, and the depth in midfield we can fight on multiple fronts without a problem. The Champions League on the other hand, a run till the quarter finals would be expected of this team, at least! Now, the big one, The Premier League. A serious challenge and a fight for the title is the least I expect, the team is confident and the new signings are experienced and shall not take a long time to settle into the EPL. The future looks bright too, the young players can only learn from the Marquee players in RVP, Santi, Lukas all of whom are proven at the top stage! So yes, we can go into a season after a long time, feeling confident rather than hopeful of success, the pride of North London will deliver, this is our year. This is a new chapter in the Arsenal story, the protagonists have changed, and the ending shall be a good one. One trophy, just one trophy and I predict the flood gates shall open, with the talent and class we have there is no reason we cannot be the Invincibles once again.


P.S : This article was written as a Arsenal Fan, dictated by passion rather than knowledge. I take pride in that. Please feel free to comment and criticize, it is most welcome. This is my first try on writing a blog, so please go easy on me. Hope you all like the read.

6 thoughts on “What to Expect from 2012/13 Season as an Arsenal Fan?

  1. I enjoyed the blog and I can’t wait to read the next one. I agree that the FA Cup and Capital One Cup are two trophies we must win, with the depth and quality we have there’s no reason why we shouldn’t win them. We may not be favorites for thw EPL or UCL but we’ll fight till the end. There’s something different about this season, I can feel it in my guts. #OnceAGoonerAlwaysAGooner

  2. Good job, I agree that we should be able to lift both the FA Cup and Capital One Cup. We may not be favorites for the EPL or UCL but we’ll put in a fight till the last day. I have a very strong feeling in my gut that this season will be a successful one.

  3. Yes! Some great points made there. But yes, realistically speaking, a top-3 finish and something special in the FA Cup and the Champions League should do it for us. But the pressure to lift at least one of those trophies can also weigh us down..

  4. ^ thats what the podolskis and cazorlas are there for. To take us through that pressure. cmon fa cup and cone cup should be taken as must win, have to start somewhere!

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